Point Off Sales (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) Software Features:

1.Customers: You can add unlimited customers name and their details like address, mobile number, email address etc.
2.Items: You can add unlimited products or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.
3.Suppliers: You can save your supplier information here with their contact details.
4.Receiving: If client back your product then this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory.
5..Sales: This option help your sales person to sale your product from stock & receive the payment by cash or card.
6.Employees: You can add unlimited stuff with individual access level. Employee can use this software according to their access level.
7.Store Configuration: You can set or edit your shop information, address, phone number here.
8. Barcode integrated purchase and sales system is available here.

Point of Sale (POS) Software Facility:
1.Unlimited User
2.Access from anywhere
3.Unlimited PC access
4.Unlimited Employee Access
5.Individual access & user panel
6.Low cost & best support

Point of Sale (POS) Software Report:

* Sales Report: You will get day, month & year wise sales report with stock, vat and profit information.
* Categories Report: You can check how much product are in your stock in category wise.
* Customers Report: You can check which customers take how much product with price by date wise.
* Suppliers Report: You can see the supplier list & their products here.
* Items Report: You can see the stock report and sales report here date wise.
* Employees Report: You can check which employee sale how much & deal with which customers.
* Taxes Report: You can see all tax report here.
* Discounts Report: You can see how much discount you provide to your clients and total summery report.
* Payments Report: You can see all payment details date wise.
* Low Inventory Report: If your product is in a re-order level then this option show you the current status.
* Inventory Summary Report: Full inventory report is here date wise.

Point of Sale (POS) Software Development Tools:

1. Language: PHP
2. Database: MySQL
3. Framework: CI